An explosion in a Moscow apartment: the father of the deceased spoke about his experiments with pyrotechnics

the Investigative Committee and the Prosecutor’s office carry out an inspection after the explosion and fire in a residential building in southern Moscow. Killed one of the occupants. It is possible that he could become a victim of his own dangerous experiments. The most likely cause of PE is now called experiments with pyrotechnics artisanal production.

the emergency tied with a red ribbon in the yard, investigators are working. The apartment is on the fourth floor of the apartment buildings had burned to the ground. The other two just above were less affected but their tenants to return to their homes will not be soon.

the Loud bangs, explosion, large fire. Window frames flew for about 10 meters from the house. People jumped out, who it was.

– Burn out! And I’m handicapped, I can’t even come up. Say, let the window the ladder. And I and could not. Here, put on boots, left his papers at home.

That was the cause of the fire, to figure out the investigators.

“were discovered one dead man, who, according to eyewitnesses, was engaged in the manufacture of fireworks”, — said Sergey Zheltov, head of EMERCOM of Russia in Moscow.

While this is only version based on the testimony of eyewitnesses. Allegedly, after the explosion in the yard smelled strongly of gunpowder. Deceased Alexander Ponomarev 32 years. Mother found out about his son’s death just at the door of the house. Father at the time of the explosion was in the same apartment.

“he said He passes the course for the production of pyrotechnics, needs 2 weeks to get the card knows and understands everything. And I said mind your own business and all”, — says Vladimir Ponomarev, the father of the deceased Alexander Ponomarev.

Neighbors described the family as the most prosperous.

“we argued constantly, cried every day from morning to evening,” says Paul Left.

Paul says that his apartment is now filled with water. The repair will probably have to do at his own expense. In local government the victims offered as free to live in the nearest hotel.

– we were approached By a resident with patogo floor — there are two living people. We identified the nearest hotel, where they will be provided lunch and dinner.

the Others moved to relatives. Repair of apartments will begin tomorrow. Everything except that which is completely burned. There will be continued investigations.