An unknown disease decimated the Chinese: a trip to China it is better to cancel

the Russian tourism firms encouraged to warn their customers about the outbreak of the new deadly coronavirus in China, said in the broadcast “60 minutes” from Blagoveshchensk RTR correspondent Svetlana Degtyareva.

“If the trip cannot be undone, it must at least comply with prevention measures to avoid the presence in places of a big congestion of people and use medical masks”, — told about the security measures a journalist.

On the border with China monitores arriving passengers at all border checkpoints at the airport and at customs installed the cameras. Special insulators in the local infectious diseases hospitals ready to accept patients with suspected coronavirus.

While cases of the coronavirus in Blagoveshchensk is not fixed. In the Amur region the situation is calm. Rospotrebnadzor experts are not yet sounding the alarm about a deadly new threat, they assert that the situation is under control.

In the next two to three weeks is expected to decrease in passenger traffic with China: in China will be celebrated Oriental New year. At this time Chinese citizens eager to leave Russia, to celebrate the New year with his family, said Svetlana Degtyareva. In Russia they’ll be back by mid-February. The who has already warned of the possibility of spread of infection outside of China.

Caused by a new type of coronavirus 2019-nCoV outbreak of severe pneumonia was registered in China at the end of December 2019. The virus is transmitted from person to person, but no cure for coronavirus yet to be found.

Just sick of 291 people. In hospitals under the supervision of doctors are 227 people. Of these, 51 patients in serious condition and 12 critical. Victims of the virus were six.

the Ministry of health of Russia has announced work on a rapid test for the detection of the dangerous coronavirus.