Theatrical Moscow is preparing for the opening of the new season. The date has not yet been determined. While in the theaters allowed only a rehearsal without an audience. But all the artists and theater-goers are preparing for the boards. The plans Metropolitan theatres 60 Prime before the end of this year.

At a rehearsal in “Snuff” actors take the stage with such joy that it seems to tune in to mass murder, Thriller, masterfully penned by Agatha Christie, will be impossible.

“can we cuddle now,” — and runs out, laughing, on stage Jan.

Glares rehearsal begins, these are the first replica, and an unpleasant feeling of fear.

the Play, written by Agatha Christie based on her same “Ten little Indians”, tolerance is called “And then there were none”. Like the novel, renamed almost a hundred years ago by the publishers in order not to arouse accusations of racism. But Vladimir Mashkov, changed the ending, not this. He explores fear. Any.

“Fear is stopping a person’s life substance. The coward dies first” — says people’s artist of Russia, artistic Director of the Moscow theatre of Oleg Tabakov Vladimir Mashkov.

the Prime Minister was scheduled for June 7, but virus plans mixed, the theatre was closed. Or rather, moved to online teaching and rehearsing.

Vladimir Mashkov promises to surprise and scare. Actors do this all.

– He’s dead! He’s dead!

“for a Long time you did not come to us”, — meets Snuff the mayor.

“Some say you can not rush to sit for a month or two. Those who don’t like theater,” — said the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin.

“I’d like to see the audience, because theatre is a live thing”, — says the honored artist of Russia Vitaly Yegorov.

a Short talk, tour of the foyer mirror, where “the actor must see himself,” and continued the rehearsal.

“we Continue to live!” says Mashkov.

Costumes — from Yudashkin, scenery — sculptor Rukavishnikov.

When and how will fill this auditorium, not no one knows. Would it be possible to give flowers favorite artists, to take their autographs? But not Zoom, not Skype — live rehearsals. And tangible hope that soon people will come here.