Andrew Chibis held a working meeting on implementation of tasks set by the President

Today Murmansk region Governor Andrey Chibis held a working meeting on the implementation of the tasks set by President of Russia in his address to the Federal Assembly. Brainstorming related to the education, health, sports, youth policy, family support. At the end of the year plan was approved “In the North to live.” This is an additional measure to national projects.

One of the first decisions — increases in the salaries of teachers. The Governor of the Murmansk region Andrei Chibis said: “We are up to 8 thousand increase from 2400 rubles regional payment, we to 10 thousand raise the payment of the honored teachers of Russia. We minimum wage for young teachers who come to school to work not less than 35 thousand. For those teachers who come to work for minimum wage. We have risks in teaching and community are the same as we now see in medicine. And our task is to encourage young people to come to school and be progressive and modern, to be carriers not only of knowledge but of values.”

the resignation of the government of Russia, according to the head of region, will not affect projects for which the region was agreed with the Cabinet Minister. The Governor sees no risks associated with its composition and intends to do everything possible to continue, reports GTRK Murman.

Text: GTRK “Murman”