Angelina Vovk has told, from-for what in 33 years survived clinical death

the Legendary Soviet announcer angelina Vovk — the same aunt Lina from “good night, kids!”, leading virtually all the most popular programs of the Central television (“Morning mail”, “Clock”, “visiting tales”, “Blue light”, “song of the year” and others), the TV channel “Russia-1” told about how was her life “behind the scenes”.

She recalled how 33 years have experienced clinical death, about marriage and causes of divorce from the famous Soviet speaker Gennady devil, and then with the main artist of the Czechoslovak film Studio by the Jindřich Goetz.

angelina M. tells how she was taken to the Sklifosovsky clinic directly from filming “the Blue light”. It turned out, the presenter had an ectopic pregnancy and she nearly died.

After that she could not be that was the cause of the disorder with her first husband, Gennady devil.

the wolf wanted to take the child from the orphanage, but he was strongly against. For him angelina Mikhailovna graduated from GITIS and received offers to act in films, did not work and the actor’s fate.

But thanks to the “Song of the year,” which wolf led 30 years old, she got into the Guinness Book of records.

Presenter admits that he knew about the infidelities of her first husband, but the final point in this relationship, decided to put, when she met the big love.

Wedding is one of the most famous TV anchors of the Soviet Union and the Czechoslovak chief artist of the Studio of Jindřich GEZ was a Grand hall of the hotel with views of the Kremlin, famous and influential guests.

He offered angelina a life that Soviet women could only dream of: love, care, support and full three-storey house in Czechoslovakia.

However, wolf had to choose: or the career of one of the leading speakers in the Soviet Union, or the life of a housewife, though in Prague with my beloved man.

She could not Reshitsa the final move to her husband, despite the ultimatums he she put.

So they lived for 13 years, and in the early 1990s, still divorced.

Why the presenter did not want to live in Prague, and on the death of gets found out only a year? That talks about his childhood, the decision to become an actress and the reaction to it her mom?

What life was like behind the scenes of two of the most famous Soviet announcers, angelina Vovk and Gennady Damn, and when they realized that their family life is over?

What feelings were during clinical death? As after a severe illness, she was able to climb to the top of mount Fuji, and what is happening in her life right now?

this angelina Vovk says in a Boris Korchevnikov in the “Destiny of man” on TV channel “Russia 1”.