Animator for crippled Russian boy hotel in Crete will pay 500 thousand euros

the Moscow city court has obliged the hotel owner in Crete, whose employees crippled boy from Russia, to pay the family of the victim almost 500 thousand euros. The family had to wait for this decision for several years.

the Tragedy occurred in may 2013 in one of the hotels. Nikita Onishchenko, who was then 11 years old, caught a local animator in the theft of a laptop and a mobile phone and asked to return them. Promising to give things a Dutchman of Sirino Shriver lured the child on the Parking lot, where in cold blood more than 20 times, stabbed him and left to bleed to death.

the Boy was found only after 6 hours. The doctors managed to save the life of Nikita, making a complex neurosurgical operation. However, he remained disabled because of a spinal cord injury he can no longer walk.

Animator-sadist on the same day he was arrested. Later, the Greek court found him partially sane (it turned out that in his native Holland, he was recognized as disabled because of autism) and was sentenced to 11,5 years of imprisonment in a psychiatric institution. But in reality, he served less than half of the term in April 2018 journalists of the program “Vesti” found that the perp had already returned to Holland and works in the family restaurant her parents — sells ice cream to children.

Neither the owners nor the managers of the hotel chain Mitsis, who hired a psychopath to work, and then denied him, then any liability for the incident has not suffered.

In 2014, the family sued the hotel and the tour operator “coral travel”, demanding to collect 630 million euros (the amount entered has already been spent at that time, 560 thousand). However, the court sought then only 2.7 thousand euros for treatment and moral harm of 1 million roubles. In 2018, the Supreme court sent the case for reconsideration. And now the Russian family was finally able to seek compensation.

As told to “Interfax” in Moscow city court, in favor of the mother of the injured boy with the joint-stock companies travel and hospitality businesses PanEurope A. O. should be recovered 405 thousand euros as reimbursement for treatment and medications. In addition, 47 thousand euros, the defendant must pay to urology, postage, notary fees and other costs 6 million euros and 108 thousand rubles — for the transport costs of 37 thousand euros for living expenses.

the tour Operator “coral travel”, who organized the trip to this hotel, is obliged to pay 100 thousand rubles as compensation of moral harm and 50 thousand roubles of the penalty for violation of the law “On protection of consumer rights”.