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Anniversary of the end of the great Patriotic war was celebrated as it was 75 years ago

Anniversary of the end of the great Patriotic war was celebrated as it was 75 years ago

Parade June 24, 1945, during which the center of Moscow were front-line soldiers-winners, in itself was an historic event, and not coincidentally to the anniversary, Russian President Vladimir Putin timed this celebration. And the constraints caused by the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19, made them even more welcome. The parade was a tribute to the greatest respect for the generation of victors.

at Exactly 10 am, as well as 24 June 1945, bearers bring to the Red square Victory Banner, sacred to each of us.

the Main characters of this day — veterans of the great Patriotic war. And everything that happens today is for them and in their honor. Ceremony planned down to the second. Defense Minister army General Sergei Shoigu leaves the gate of the Spasskaya tower of the Kremlin and traditionally stops in front of the gate with the icon. And then continues on his way.

very carefully, with binoculars, watching the parade of those who were here in the area 75 years ago. Semyon Yakovlevich Lyulko came here straight from the front.

“We’ve been waiting for this hour of the winners, he says. — Coming here on June 24 at the Parade, throwing flags”.

the participants of the historical Parade and to all the citizens of the Russian President.

“I Congratulate you on the 75th anniversary of Victory in great Patriotic war! The victory, which determined the future of the planet for decades to come and will forever remain in history as the most ambitious in its scale, importance and spiritual, moral elevation, — said Vladimir Putin. — Exactly 75 years ago to commemorate the end of world war II here, the walls of the Kremlin, was legendary, the parade of winners. The parade went down in history as a triumph of unprecedented power, as the triumph of good over evil, peace over war, life over death.”

“Today we bow our heads before the blessed memory of all who came from the war, in memory of sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, grandfathers, husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, comrades, family and friendsth. I grieve for the veterans who have gone from us, — said the President. — Observed a minute of silence”.

And then Vladimir Putin reminds the world what a terrible price they had to pay the people of our country.

“it’s hard to imagine what would become of the world, not rise up in his defense the Red Army. Her soldiers did not want war, nor any other country, nor glory, nor honor. They sought to finish off the enemy, Victory and go home. And paid for the freedom of Europe heavy price: hundreds of thousands of fighters perished in a foreign land. It is our duty to remember this. Be mindful of the fact that the Soviet people fell the brunt of the struggle against Nazism,” — said the President of Russia.

Next to the veterans in the stands and foreign guests. The leaders of the CIS countries — once one of the USSR republics, and abroad, whose fathers and grandfathers beat the Nazis together.

“We will never forget the contribution of our allies in Victory, the importance of the second front opened in June 1944. Honor the brave soldiers of the armed forces of all States of anti-Hitler coalition, the heroism of all the fighters against Nazism, who fearlessly acted in Europe — continues the President of the Russian Federation. — Dear friends! Today veterans of the great Patriotic war live in different countries. But it is impossible to separate them United, the great feat of the salvation of entire peoples from death, barbarism and enslavement. This feat without any exaggeration is the heritage of all mankind. Our gratitude to you, dear veterans, are immense. Glory to the generation that defeated Nazism! Glory to the heroes of the great Patriotic war! Hurrah!”.

a Distance specify linear. Pace — 120 steps per minute. And again referring to victorious 1945 mu. Square — banners 10 fronts. First, of course, the infantry with the famous Mosin rifle. Pilots, sailors, border guards, sappers. All in the form of military years.

Military units of the allies practiced. Hammeredstep and bearing of the today show on the red square in the presence of heads of States. The Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic at the sight of their military puts his hand to his heart. Uzbek leader Shavkat Mirziyoev discusses the passage of the main calculation from Tashkent with the veteran. During the war, more than 300 Uzbek citizens were awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.

Step on the pavement minted young Suvorov and Nakhimov, paratroopers, Marines and cadets. With a particular mood under the legendary “Katyusha” are girls, who are future lawyers and translators. To this day all participants of the parade came a few months.

the Parade carefully monitored by representatives of all faiths, Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill. Story at all one. A huge contribution to the Victory — then, in the 45th — made these T-34 tanks and self-propelled artillery SU-100. They went from Kursk to Berlin, and today an honorary battalion open mechanized part of the parade on red square. 30 7 legendary tanks and self-propelled guns in honor of veterans.

the Following is already the most modern technology. At this time, especially a lot of firsts. The T-90M with new turret and a new gun. The newest BMP “Armata” combat modules “Dagger”. Multiple rocket launchers “Tornado-s” came to replace the “Tornado”. And shore-based missile complexes “Ball”, which already protect against any threat to the Crimea.

And when appear in the square multiton “YARS” are simply breathtaking — the earth literally starts to tremble beneath your feet. This is the basis of the strategic nuclear shield of our country, and the missiles, without exaggeration, able to overcome any missile defense system on earth.

the roar of the helicopter motors raises all eyes upward. It starts with the most spectacular aviation part. In 1945, due to rain it was canceled, but today the weather is good.

air Refueling is a huge strategic bomber Tu-160 in bannersity “Cuban diamond” lined up right “Strizhi” and “Russkie Vityazi”.

Height: 200-300 meters, speed of about 500 kilometers per hour. When the fighter 5th generation su-57, all ears.

And this moment, especially waiting for the su-25 paint the sky in colors of the Russian flag. And finally, a gift from the synthesis of the orchestra and the choir of a thousand voices.

Special attention and special care is only a small fraction of what we can do for those who won the war and gave us life. All the veterans today, helped by volunteers. Vladimir Putin, in conclusion, congratulated each of the veterans again.