Announced three versions of a fire in Astrakhan

Police considers three versions of a fire in an apartment house in Astrakhan, in which three persons were lost, reports a press-service of administration of the Governor of the Astrakhan region.

a Fire in a three-storey residential house on the street Soviet, 22 occurred on Thursday. Burned about 800 square meters. Under the rubble were found the bodies of three victims: men 60 years and two women, 79 and 80.

we consider three versions of the origin of fire: short circuit in the wiring, careless handling of fire and arson.

the building was 46 people. Now they quickly prepare duplicate certificates and temporary identity documents and burned in the fire of passports. The first inhabitants of this house would receive the documents on Saturday. Currently maneuverable Foundation hosted four families, the remaining residents of the home are with relatives. For fire victims organized collection of things. In addition to the entitlements of 50 thousand rubles per family from the regional budget, charitable aid for the victims of the fire have multiple organizations.