a number of European countries in the future want to share more information about terrorist methods. “It is important that the member States know each other, who has already been convicted somewhere else,” said Federal Minister of justice Katarina Barley (SPD) after a Meeting with European Counterparts and colleagues from France, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands in Paris.

The law enforcement agencies should work together in the future even more intensively than before on the European judicial authority, Eurojust. Germany wanted to be stronger than in the past forward cases, said Barley. “A network is only good when really the individual States to report the cases.”

Also in the protection of victims, the countries of the border want to work together across borders. The terrorist attack on the Christmas market of the Berlin Breitscheidplatz you have seen, that it was difficult to respond when the Victims are from abroad, appropriately, Barley. Other countries such as France were already much more experienced. Between the victim officer is now to be a network established.

in Addition, hatred and Propaganda in social networks will be more fights. In Germany Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms are obliged to delete the obviously criminal homicide calls, slander, or the people verhetzungen within 24 hours. “The protection on the Internet the other can learn something from us,” said Barley. The Convention of the seven countries should send to the Minister, according to the impulses of the European Union as a whole.