Antibiotics and horse DNA: what can be found in sausage in addition to beef and fat

Experts Roskoshestvo tested popular brands of sausages, namely, sausage. Tests were subjected to five brands in different price categories. In some of them the experts found no ingredients that must be part of this kind of sausage.

the Test took place sausage brands “Ismail”, “Dad”, “Remit”, “Klin” and “Vladimirskaya standard”. The good news is that all this products are safe for consumers. As told Deputy Roskoshestvo Elena Saradzev, they have no violations for microbiological parameters. However, some sausages were discovered unexpected additives: antibiotics and horse DNA, despite the fact that ideally, the sausage should be made from beef. In some of the samples revealed the DNA of a chicken, not declared in the composition.

How to choose the sausage in the store? First, you need to pay attention to color: tablet can’t be bright and pale pink. Beef, which should be composed of not less than 25 percent, results in a darker color. Light sausage, most likely made from pork.

in the production of sausage should be used breast, but it is not absolutely white fat. The pieces should be fairly large – up to 4 millimeters.

Experts believe that sausage worth at least 500 rubles for a kilo of beef there. Sausage with correct composition is from 800 to 1000. But not always price guarantee the quality: pay attention to the storage temperature of the sausage. The norm is zero to 10 degrees Celsius.

Should pay attention to the packaging: it should be dry. If there are droplets of moisture, it is a sign of improper manufacture or improper storage. Buy a sausage dangerous.

part of the sausage, according to the GOST must be 6-7 ingredients, such as pork brisket, beef, pork, nitrite-brine mixture. First on the label usually indicates the ingredient in the product which is most. Furthermore, it should be specified what categories of meat used in the production (best – category a, in that the raw material contains at least 80 percent of muscle tissue).

If we talk about fat, it is composed of sausage should be 47 percent. As it turned out, tested Roskoshestvo samples of fat is much less – from 20 to 30 percent, and only in the sausage brand Remit – 40.

When choosing sausage sliced is better to give preference to packaging than store-bought. Cutting in the shop package (unless the sausage is not sliced at you) can be stale.

On TV channel “Russia 1” on Saturday aired “Test”. It experts Roskoshestvo weekly testing products available in the domestic market.

the specialists on the basis of studies compiled lists of the safest and most dangerous for human food. Can be found on the website of Roskoshestvo. Sausage took third place in the ranking of unsafe food.