Antonov: export a flight from new York scheduled for June 28

export Next flight from new York scheduled for June 28, said the Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Anatoly Antonov in an interview with TASS. According to him, want to go back home about a thousand Russians. This Board will be as complete as possible. All work is carried out under the guidance of oberstab to the government. The foreign Ministry and the Embassy in this matter plays an important role, reports channel “Russia 24”.

Antonov added that the Russian Embassy in Washington is the opportunity to include in the export lists of the flight of the Russians, who are in difficult financial situation, the sick, the elderly. The diplomatic corps leverages its capabilities to address humanitarian problems of the Russians.

the Official also said that ten flights were able to take home more than 2 thousand people. The number of people wanting to back the Russians increased day by day.

had to work with students, went to the US for training programmes. 62 people already flew to Moscow. Five have decided to wait out the pandemic in the United States.

Earlier it was reported that the foreign Ministry of Russia has organised the export flight for the Russians, who in the midst of the pandemic was in other countries away from home and could not return home. In a group of almost 200 people, Russian diplomats have helped them get to Paris, and then they flew home from the airport Charles de Gaulle.