Anyone, just lost trump: Democrats prepare for primaries

trump, impeachment, Iran — these are the three main topics of democratic debates before the first party Congress this year. Joe Biden — the main opponent of the President of the United States — have declared that to justify Donald trump about the reason for assassination of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani believes. Moreover, Biden is confident that trump outright lied, saying that the reason for the attack on Soleimani was in imminent attacks on the American Embassy.

the Last debate before the first ballot. Before the primaries in Iowa less than three weeks. In the center of the stage the leader of inner-party selection of Joe Biden. It is believed that as a former Vice President of it better than others versed in foreign policy, and because it is easier to talk about that all again dump the trump. This, of course, about Iran.

“We lost his influence and the support of allies in the middle East. The future President should be able to rebuild, and to force Iran to return to the agreement. I believe that this can be done by using pressure, which we provided earlier,” — said Joe Biden, Vice President of the United States in 2009-2017 years.

As a Senator, Biden voted for the invasion of Iraq. His main rival Bernie Sanders, who considers himself a socialist, advocated the war in Afghanistan. About forgive yourself of errors.

“Joe Biden and I listened to then that say George Bush and Secretary of defense, and thought that they were bluffing. I didn’t believe in their intentions. And as soon as everyone understood, he began all the forces trying to prevent this war,” says Bernie Sanders.

Now the leaders in terms of the electoral Fund is Sanders. With the help of private donations he collected $ 95 million. However, none of the Democrats do not compete in Finance with the former new York mayor Michael Bloomberg.

“I’m the only candidate who has not collected from the citizens one penny of donations,” — said Michael Bloomberg.

Billionaire is campaigning on their own. Just over a month on ppoliticheskuju advertising he spent $ 150 million and promised to donate a billion on the campaign of any Democrat, even if he did not get the nomination, if only he coped with the trump. Mini Mike — a new insulting nickname was invented by the owner of the White house with his fellow countryman and opponent. He played in Wisconsin and again talked about Soleimani.

“the Democrats should be outraged by horrible crimes Soleimani, not the decision to terminate his worthless life. Until we create jobs and eliminate the terrorists, the Democrats are obsessed with lies and wasting the efforts of the state on a useless witch hunt that began, incidentally, with the first day of my presidency” — said the President of the United States Donald trump.

Today in the lower house of Congress just needs to announce the names of the so-called managers, which Democrats will be in the Senate as prosecutors in the impeachment process. How to act, everyone understands the power of their abilities. For example, Democrats during the hearings are going to present notes on the sheets with the logo of the Ritz-Carlton. Author doodles Lev Parnas (one of the crooks, which centers around lawyer trompowsky Giuliani) mentions several times in the sheets Zelensky. Lawyer Parnassus meanwhile, the trolls trump roller: his client with the music posing with the owner of the White house, its attorney, children and son-in-law Jared Kushner.

as for the primaries, the voters-the Democrats are not as important as the looks or quality of the candidate. The main thing is to cope with the trump. A problem with that. Biden, like Clinton before, may collect a majority of votes, but the incumbent President again could play a complex electoral system of America.