Apartments proposed to equate to the accommodation

the chamber of Commerce has offered to recognize the apartment housing, reports TASS with reference to the letter to the Ministry of construction.

At the moment the apartment — non-commercial premise, to check where it is impossible, you can only get a temporary residence permit (registration) as at the hotel, but this is possible far not in each apartment.

Multifunctional room apartment not legally regulated, which leads to the violation of housing rights and housing legislation requirements.

because of the lack of special requirements for the construction of the apartments their design and build according to the rules provided for non-residential buildings that does not ensure the safety of the travelers.

for Example, such structures can be accommodated in industrial or sanitary protection zones. If allowed to register, and there, the authorities will have to provide the necessary social infrastructure — kindergartens, schools, hospitals.

Earlier, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Marat Khusnullin in the work on the national economic recovery plan proposed to change the legislation, recognizing the apartment housing. In his opinion, their residents must be eligible for registration and reducing the cost of housing services.

Now the apartments are about 10-13% of the real estate market, but if they can be registered, the popularity of such housing will grow. However, as the prices. Yet the apartments are cheaper apartments around 15-20%.