Appeared strange case of the headmistress of the school who ordered students wife lover

The “Live” – the details of the story that struck not only Muscovites: the Director of the Metropolitan private school “Russian Harvard” Vasilisa Maslova ordered to his pupils the murder of his wife’s lover — the municipal Deputy of the Academic district of Moscow Mikhail Khananashvili.

his 34-year-old wife Svetlana was attacked in the late evening. Unknown inflicted 17 stab wounds. A woman miraculously survived, she is in the hospital, her condition is estimated as heavy.

soon it became known that the suspect in this case — the school principal “Russian Harvard” Vasilisa Maslova, which hired for his bloody plan former students: 21-year-old Mykola Frolov and 20-year-old Irina Pogarcic.

Presumably, the stab wounds inflicted Nicholas, and Irene was my spotter.

All the defendants in custody. Maslova and Frolov left under arrest till March 9, and Pogarcic sent under house arrest.

Meanwhile, the lawyer of the Director of the school asked for Maslova house arrest. She made a loud statement that her client is pregnant.

Sam Mikhail Khananashvili an affair with Maslova denies and says that he is pregnant, the school Director can not be.

He argues that with Vasilisa it tied exclusively friendship and business relationship, and when he noticed her more attention to himself as a man, then tried to distance themselves and translate the communication in the business.

meanwhile, a friend Kseniya Maslova Mikhalev doesn’t believe that she could order the murder. Ksenia believes that in this terrible history of the “money involved”, and all events related to the fact that Khananashvili and Maslov about two and a half years ago were business partners for a single project.

is it True that Vasilisa was registered and lived in the same apartment with your former students? What lies behind the walls of “the Russian Harvard,” and how much is the tuition in this SHKOLE?

was there really a love relationship between Maslova and Khananashvili? What is the business project had previously bound them? And that said municipal Deputy about the assassination of his wife two years ago?

the details of this high-profile story in the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live” on TV channel “Russia 1”.