Appeared the first image of coronavirus COVID-19

Since the discovery in December 2019 Wuhan coronavirus, received some time ago the official name COVID-19 (and before that called 2019-nCoV), was the cause of thousands of deaths. People around the world today have a genuine fear of him, not least because of the hype in the media. Although, if you think about it, a great danger threatens only to a few people.

Although microbiologists for a couple of months working with samples COVID-19 in the laboratories of different countries and also began to develop a vaccine against it, until now few have seen, looks like this insidious virus. By the way, in this respect, just saying “not so devil as he is painted.”

Recently pictures of the new coronavirus posted on the Internet laboratory professionals in the rocky mountain (RML), National Institute of Allergy and infectious diseases USA (NIAID). Images were taken using scanning and transmission electron microscopes.

the Viral particles (virions) are colored yellow, and the surface of the cell, from which a virus, – in blue and dark pink.Photo by NIAID-RML.

the picture above shows the virus COVID-19, isolated from the blood of a patient from the USA (the image in artificial colors). Viral particles (virions) are colored yellow, and the surface of the cell, from which a virus, – in blue and dark pink color.

On the surface of the virus, you can see “spines”.Photo by NIAID-RML.

the Image above was taken with a transmission electron microscope. The photo is not that sharp as the first, but still it gives you the opportunity to see the “spines” on the surface of the virus. Because of this, the virus is shaped like a crown, allowing the pathogen got its name.

the Professionals of these pictures, certainly seems friends. The fact that the majority of coronaviruses, including SARS and MERS are known, they look almost the same. The viruses in this family have only small differences in their genome, and only five nucleotide differences between the three of them. However, the symptoms that indicate the infection they can vary in different people.

the Viral particles leave the host cell infected with the pathogen.Photo by NIAID-RML.

These pictures were obtained through teamwork: the virus itself provided the researcher RML Emmy de wit (de Wit Emmie), photos made by microscopist Elizabeth Fisher (Elizabeth Fischer), and the Department of visualization RML (visual arts medical office) painted image.

More photos of Wuhan coronavirus – this link.

we will Add that earlier “News.Science” ( wrote that Wuhan coronavirus may spread via feces, and that is named the animal, which is an intermediate carrier of this virus. In the case of adverse developments, new virus can get two-thirds of the inhabitants of the Earth.

Text: To.Science