Apple released refurbished iPhone Xs and Xs Max

In the US, Apple has started official sales of the recovered variants (Refurbished) iPhone Xs and Xs Max last year. Pre-owned device is suitable for those who want to become owner of a modern iPhone, but does not have the ability to give more thousands of dollars for the latest model.

In the US refurbished iPhone Xs and Xs Max sold in the Apple online store. Writes GSMArena, the devices are marked “like new” can be purchased at $300-350 cheaper than they cost at the time of its release in September 2018.

For Xs refurbished iPhone with 64 GB of memory are asking $699, 256 GB – $829, with 512 GB is $999. Used Xs Max iPhone model with larger screen and capacious battery is available for $799 (64 GB), $929 (256 GB) and $1099 (512 GB).

To include refurbished Apple smartphones, which for one reason or another was returned by the buyer (for example, as a result, minor marriage, faulty speaker or a Wi-Fi module). Unlike buying “from hands”, the returned official vehicles are in the factory recovery procedure and are accompanied by the original warranty from Apple.

the Company carefully tests used iPhones, replaces defective components (including battery and case), assigns them new numbers and packages again (including a new box, manual and charging).

Text: To.Hi-tech