Actor Alexander Domogarov said that after the persecution which gave to his colleague Mikhail Efremov due to a drunken accident with a fatal outcome, stated that he had lost respect for the audience and did not want to meet them on the stage.

“And you’re condemning, not drinking, not throwing wives have always lived with one wife, no cheating, no friends or have friends, you are sold for a pittance, you didn’t set up their comrades for your own gain, you didn’t send angry letters?” — quotes words of the actor edition of Gazeta.spb.

At the end of March Domogarov “because of the ugly situation,” decided to leave the Moscow art Theater named after Gorky, where he was a guest actor.

Earlier in the TV channel “Russia 1” some famous personalities also called for an end to “public flogging” Ephraim, expressing the view that the artist is already “punished himself and repented”.

Meanwhile, it became known that the victims in the case about dorozhno-transport incident with participation of the actor Mikhail Efremov recognized three relatives of the deceased courier Sergey Zakharov: his widow, a son and a brother.

As reported TASS the lawyer of the family of the deceased Alexander Dobrovinsky, June 19, the investigator leading the case was transferred to the corresponding warrants.

He also said that all three — and Valery Zakharov (brother of the deceased in the accident Sergey Zakharov) and his widow Margaret, and son Vitaly are its Trustees.

on the Evening of 8 June at Smolensk square in Moscow, the jeep, driven by Efremov, flew into the oncoming lane and swerved away in the van “Lada”, at the wheel which was the courier Sergey Zakharov. He died. Actor, as examination showed, was drunk, and besides, his blood found traces of drugs.

Now the actor is under house arrest.