“Vesti on Saturday” continue to follow the transformation of one of the main attractions of the suburbs — estate “Arkhangelsk”.

the Suburban Versailles and visitors now meets in the Western manner. Instead of Windows of offices is a modern visitor centre where you buy a ticket, and a map to take a break from the road.

“Arkhangelsk” will be finished the contemporary Museum, which will take into account all the little things,” said Vadim zadorozhnyi, Director of the Museum-estate.

it was always Beautiful here, and now convenient. Instead of broken plates — neat paths. Cozy cafes and souvenir shops. Now restore the Botanical Conservatory. There will be flowers, and a library with multimedia room.

“the main idea here is having family time. Here you need to make a variety of excursion destinations to in good weather, tired of city life, people could come here all day,” said the Minister of culture of the Russian Federation Olga Lyubimova.

in the forests of the Eastern wing, in the wing of the Caprice interior. Here will put the porcelain from yusupovskiy collection. But the most difficult is already behind us.

the Area of the manor house — almost 70 hectares. And so in an electric car quickly will not go round. Within three years the work was carried out almost in all areas. In the end, the restoration of the Park, restored sculptures and fountains, the Grand Palace has opened 14 showrooms.

In the restored West wing now exhibition of carriages of the Prince Jusupova. This crew went to the coronation of Nicholas the First. For the first time recreated the front six. Harness for horses, mannequins gave the Hermitage

Restored the Belvedere and the Grand Palace. Tourists are usually not allowed — too dangerous degree but it is from that height, the best views of Arkhangelsk was given.

Types of “Arkhangelsk” — the same value as the manor itself. Borders of security zones have been refined and expanded, they were, for example, “Lokhin island”. Building there would spoil the panorama of the Park. While protected status has lost village Strife, where due to restrictions people could not achieve the construction of a school.

“was the other point of view. Held additional public comment. I will still be Deputy Prime Minister, I have asked to stop the approval of these zones of protection made additional adjustments. I am sure that there is no reason to doubt in the preservation of this unique historical object,” — said Dmitry Kozak, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Museum-estate “Arkhangelsk”. In the protected area were included a number of additional objects that are excluded are those where nothing has changed.

Now, “Arkhangelsk” open to the public. But not all restrictions is removed. For example, a new summer scene not tested.

“it is Clear that after the pandemic, isolation is gaining momentum. Said from the benches removed the tape because it is already possible to communicate”, — said Andrey Vorobyev, Governor of Moscow region.

And for such a long-awaited communication “Arkhangelsk”, where nature, culture, and history, perhaps the best.