Around - cats and rats instead of food food: a mother and daughter staged a

In the Nizhny Novgorod region, the reporters found a family who for many years lived in terrible conditions. A crumbling house, all the dirt, cats, rats, and their decomposing bodies. The saddest thing is that this “hell” on earth the residents of vachsky area arranged themselves.

The ladies noticed the program “the Way”. In the end, 42-year-old Nadezhda Bushueva, which has no passport, no education, a woman has graduated from the 8 classes. The reason for her imprisonment was the mother that surrounded her hyperopia. Before it was a normal family, but at one point the mother stopped to let anywhere daughter, even at work. “Kept at home. She’s like a savage,” — said one of the local residents. The nightmare lasted over 26 years.

Not washed Bushueva for 14 years. She, too, hair not combed, because they became a solid knot. The Hope is aware of what’s happening. “Worse than cats my life,” shared a woman, explaining that even an animal has more rights, and she does not exist and as if “the living dead”. Nadezhda Bushueva fears to change their fate, because she doesn’t know anything or anyone.

currently, her mother is hospitalized because she has health problems. Only the deplorable state of the pensioner allowed the Hope of the Bushueva for the first time in 26 years to leave the house.

In the management of social protection vachsky district told RIA Novosti that he tried to help the family repeatedly, but they refused most of the proposals. An employee of the Agency Larisa Mikheeva told that putting a woman in a rehab center not because she is not disabled and has no mental illness.

soon the Bushueva needs to get a passport. Perhaps the 42-year-old woman will be able to return to normal human life.