Arrested the grandmother, who beat his granddaughter in the Elevator

Detained a woman who beat a three year old granddaughter in a lift at home in Krasnoyarsk. She told me that he lost his self control and struck the child several times in the face, when that “little freaked out” and could not calm down, RIA Novosti reported.

currently addresses the issue of election of a measure of restraint, criminal battery, according to the regional Department of the RF IC.

As we learned earlier, the incident occurred the evening of 14 June, when the suspect together with his three year old granddaughter came to visit a friend. Close to midnight she was going to go home, the girl acted up, which caused irritation women.

a Camera recorded how grandmother paid her granddaughter three blows to the head, after which the girl fell. After a medical examination on the person of the child discovered the bruises.