Artem Dzyuba was invited to a team match the young philanthropist from Chelyabinsk

a Personal invitation from Artem Dzuba received a fifth grader Savva Yarygin from Chelyabinsk. For help children from orphanages. Dreams come true.

“I Admire the act of Savva and invite him on the next match” — a public appeal to the student from Chelyabinsk from the national team of Russia on football. The message is already created quite a stir not only in the family of the recipient, but also throughout the country. Still, not every day sports stars send personal invitations to the spectators to the game.

But this case, as is clear, special. Fifth-grader and an avid fan of Savva Yarygin to meet with their idols not counted. Initially just wanted to help children from orphanages. Came up with a simple to implement charitable project and began to put it into practice.

the Idea is pretty simple. To collect and deliver waste paper, and used the money to buy soccer balls for the orphans. In fact, it’s the activity and brought the student to the podium for special guests of the Russian team. Now Savva is called an example for others. As for the match it was called, among other things, the Artem Dzyuba.

Old Newspapers, magazines, cardboard, anything that can be taken to recycling. Then – for it to gain the money to buy soccer balls. And most importantly – give them to the children who find themselves in the shelter or orphanage. And such a desire to make football accessible to all – said the captain of Russian national team Artem Dzyuba.

“You’re a big boy – good girl, really cool guy. Very nice addition to Cristiano Ronaldo, you like me. So thank you very much. Will try to please you for the Russian national team victories, and try to score more to you, it was nice,” responded Artem Dzyuba, the captain of the national team of Russia on football.

the film promised to invite the boy to the nearest game team and give his t-shirt. Judging by the schedule, the next match will take place on 3 September. Stanislav cherchesova’s wards will meet with the team of Serbia.

“in my soul is still happy to go. I’m still not departed! 2 days to go. And still can’t move. I really want to get to the Artem Dzyuba, want to see him and get his t — shirt” – happy Savva Yarygin.

a Little math from Sava Yarygin. Saturday passed 78 kg of waste paper on 323 rubles, informed another 17 kg to 68 rubles. A total of 391. The money bought 2 balls that went to the orphanage. Charitable assistance from the fifth grade not inferior to large funds. Fifth-grader maintains pages on social networks, publish achievements, arranges stock.

And Sam Savva from a simple family, lives with his mother, and was never spoiled. Just wanted to help those who in this life was less fortunate, and who educate without parental support, only under the supervision of teachers. And in his quest to help the main prize – marks and a personal dream.

“This is a dream, a big dream, little dream. To see Artem Dzyuba, Golovin, Ronaldo – Ronaldo is such a dream. We have family of two people, me and him. And constantly together, some I am creative workshops, also for children. And he is constantly with me. Knows what an orphanage is like. And what is a social rehabilitation centre,” says Anna Yarygina, mother Sava.

the Boy has already dubbed not only as a hero this summer in Chelyabinsk. Moreover, not only as a hero-ecologist, and not just as a player. Interested in the hockey club “Tractor”. Sawa gave five goals, and helped in the collection of waste paper. And, it seems that this is only the beginning of cooperation of student and professional sports teams.

“We want to attract to this event of special attention. Below us was followed by the other guys who have the ability to support Sava and the other guys who really does good and kind deeds. We agreed with him that summer – football. Winterth – hockey. He next has a hockey rink and we will work together to fill it,” said Ivan Savin, General Director of hockey club “the Tractor”.

While the peers sitting in Tictoc, and think, how would hurry to get the new console – a simple Savva from Chelyabinsk to its 11 seriously thinks about others. And his project “ECO-Savva” has now become so famous that, it seems, along with children, he will seriously raise the popularity of the sport.