Arthritis or a virus: the doctor told me, what can testify to the pain in the hands

what can testify to the pain in the joints of the fingers and hands? Causing inflamed joints? On these and other issues in the TV channel “Russia 1” said the doctor Alexander Myasnikov.

Pain in the hands and swollen joints can indicate gout, he said. In this disease, doctors prescribe drugs that reduce the content in the body of uric acid.

to Protect yourself from a gout diet helps.

“Although they used to say: eggplant is impossible, not canned fish, vodka is not, today, say, well, that’s exaggerated, – said Myasnikov. – The only thing that causes gout, it’s just overweight. Excess food gout triggers”.

Fingers can get sick from certain kinds of loads.

“If you knit, if you sit long behind the computer syndrome (computer mouse), if you are a truck driver and sit for a long time behind the wheel – all of this you can cause swelling of the soft tissues around and cause a pinched two nerves,” – said Myasnikov. Pinched nerves – the so-called carpal tunnel is formed when a narrow tunnel formed by the bones of the wrist and the broad ligament that encloses it. It can manifest as numbness of hands during sleep.

the Pain may be associated with arthritis.

“We are already in the brush unable to understand what arthritis. Because rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory is, as a rule, the disease of a brush, it usually three patients joint, symmetrical, accompanied by morning stiffness, – said the doctor. – Diagnostic criteria – stiffness half an hour or 40 minutes in the morning, you can’t Cup to take.”

Rheumatoid arthritis is a serious disease that affects the internal organs. Treat her including using hormonal drugs. Therefore, with a feeling of stiffness in wrists and fingers, you should find out whether arthritis is.

“actually, we should not start with rheumatoid arthritis, not underAgra and virus. If you have pain more than 6 weeks, this virus. If it’s more, (…) this may be the initial manifestation of acute arthritis,” added butcher.

Previously, the butchers told me that the pain in the joints has every third patient with hepatitis C and almost the same number of people with chronic hepatitis.