Artificial intelligence in Russia may impose a tax

artificial intelligence Technologies can tax and license after 10 years. To such conclusion researchers at PwC, Digital Leader, IDC and CROC.

In a joint study participated by more than 160 executives and managers from IT industry, consulting, innovative companies and companies related to the digital transformation.

the Researchers argue that our country can povitica tax or licensing of AI-systems and the marketplace models of neural networks. Among the futuristic forecasts — development of technologies of Internet of things (IoT).

the document is an example of when events can be contactless read information about the interlocutor, and after 5 years, the majority of the employees of the call centers will be replaced by robots.

the authors of the study indicate that the pandemic coronavirus has contributed to the development of technology for remote work. In March of this year significantly increased the demand for solutions for remote work, but also with the lifting of the isolation trend in remote working and the development of appropriate technology continues, the researchers said.

Experts predict that in ten years more than half of employees will probably switch to the remote mode of operation, and robots and artificial intelligence will take half of employees-people with their work.

in Addition to the above the employees of the call centers, the work can lose sales, cashiers, consultants, drivers, machinists, secretaries, etc. In connection with rostau digitization increased the demand for programmers, data analysts, information security specialists. Also in demand will be engineers, doctors, geneticists, psychologists and teachers.