Artificial intelligence will prevent cheating on the exam

the Federal service for supervision in education and science (Rosobrnadzor) will apply machine vision technology that will identify students, is written off on surrender of the Unified state exam (use). To implement such a system is planned for next year, said the head of Department Sergey Kravtsov.

it is Assumed that the neural network will analyze the image received from the audience of cameras for suspicious activity in real-time. If the computer vision system detects unusual behavior — for example, someone starts to talk or get out places, she will notify the human observer, who will review the record with the desired minutes.

Technology of machine analysis of the run-in in several regions of Russia in 2020, reports “Interfax”. Where exactly will be tested, not specified.

the Exam on the Russian language written more than 50 thousands of audiences across the country, said the head of Rosobrnadzor, so to monitor all students need to train and coordinate 12.5 thousand observers. According to Kravtsov, the artificial intelligence is designed to enhance the monitoring process of the exam and reduce costs.

in Addition, the Agency is testing a facial recognition technology on the exam — to avoid the exam for a graduate of another person. The results of the preliminary tests carried out earlier this year in one of the Russian regions, the system was deemed “technically promising,” said Kravtsov.

Text: To.Hi-tech