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Artist, philanthropist, author of “Victory Day”, the head physician of the hospital: the winners of the state prize

Artist, philanthropist, author of

the names of laureates of state awards for the year 2019. The decree on awarding was signed by Vladimir Putin. Honorary title awarded in the field of science and technology, literature and art, charity and human rights activities. Among the winners of the composer, author of music for “Victory Day” David Tukhmanov, actor and Director Konstantin Khabensky and several scientists and physicians who are at the forefront in the fight against coronavirus COVID-19 and develop vaccines against dangerous infections.

the all-Conquering power of music David Tukhmanov claims life: his memory is a message to future generations about the great Patriotic war. “Victory day” is a light echo of the war. Tuhmanov — author of dozens of folk songs, operas Creator, teacher, and today announced that the winner of the State award.

“I’m Thankful that I was born and raised in Russia, received a wonderful education. The purpose of my life is to make music understandable for the soul, evoking in people the warmest feelings”, — said people’s artist of Russia, composer David Tukhmanov.

At a ceremony on 24 June in 2020 will be three team of scientists. The whole life of the Novosibirsk Institute of Thermophysics named Samson Kutateladze — a series of achievements and awards. Engaged in the research, through which worldwide build power plants, thermal power station and sent satellites into orbit. Contribution to the study of the cultural heritage of the peoples of the Arctic — national award Director of the Kunstkammer Andrei Golovnev.

“the Ability to adapt to changing conditions of life of Northern peoples is unique. And in our lives today, perhaps, it is of great importance, because we also all need to adapt to new conditions”, — stressed the assistant to the Russian President Andrey Fursenko.

Our innovative pharmacology is about Dmitry Morozov and his company “Biocad". The prize for the development and introduction into clinical practice of a range of drugs based on monoclonal antibodies for the treatment of cancer and autoimmune diseases. Another bold challenge to scientists in St. Petersburg threw coronavirus COVID-19. Preclinical trials will be completed by mid-summer — early August.

“a Country that is the heir of the USSR, just can’t create a vaccine to defeat COVID-19”, — said General Director of the biotechnology company “Biocad” Dmitry Morozov.

In 2020, the state prize was first awarded doctor — Valery Vechorko. Moscow city clinical hospital No. 15 in a matter of days involved with the fight against coronavirus. And it’s 1,300 beds! Head physician Valery Vechorko and at Chernobyl in the exclusion zone work, and rural doctor is selfless. Hero.

“Russia and the world, the pandemic has put a difficult, disturbing questions that do not answer the same verbs. We must begin to speak in new ways,” says the writer, literary critic, member of the Council for culture and arts under the President of Russia Valentin Kurbatov.

Writer and literary critic Valentin Kurbatov throws open to us the gates surrounding the city, gives your Pskov. Here, in the intercession corner where Director Andrei Tarkovsky filmed the episode in his “Andrei Rublev”, chose the location for filming of a young Savva Yamshchikov and then a young journalist Valentin Kurbatov. Then there was the film Institute, the writers ‘ Union, article in the most widely read magazines of the Soviet Union. He is the author of prefaces to collections of essays Astafiev, Rasputin, Nagibina, Okudzhava, Vorobyeva. His work is marked by numerous literary awards.

a long and hard work for those who served and continues to serve the Motherland — Maria Bolshakova of “Union of families of servicemen of Russia”.

for the First time on the day of delivery of a prize will be awarded for outstanding achievements in human rights activities, and philanthropy. For eachwow laureate for the whole country, the main prize is a sign of special service to the society.