Artists of Krasnoyarsk theatre are preparing to participate in the TV project

the Artists of the Krasnoyarsk Opera and ballet theatre return to work after a long break caused by the epidemic of the coronavirus. The theater has resumed rehearsals, says the TV channel “Russia 1” STRC “Krasnoyarsk”.

Creative people took advantage of the period of self-isolation. How to tell the choreographers Olesya Aldonin and Demid Zykin, months of downtime, they prepared a new room called “Superkristi”. Music composer Phil Coulter unusual and never became the basis for ballet. It is a modern choreography, the story of different thoughts arising in the mind of one person.

will Perform the number the artists of the classical ballet Anna and Marcello. In Krasnoyarsk theatre of Anna is in 2015. Marcello arrived in Russia a year earlier, began to study Russian language and came to the theater in 2018. Now the artists are actively preparing to participate in the new season of the TV project “Bolshoi ballet” TV channel “Culture”. In autumn the air young people will show six numbers. By the way, this ballet competition is the only one in the history of domestic and foreign channels.

Text: GTRK “Krasnoyarsk”