As a result of missile attacks on US military bases near Baghdad, 12 people were injured

on the night of 3 January, the outskirts of Baghdad came under rocket attack. The explosion occurred in the area of Baghdad international airport, where American military bases. It is assumed that they were fired.

as a result, 12 people were injured. All of them – Iraqi forces, reports TASS. They were at the checkpoint at the entrance of the air Harbor. There exploded one of the missiles.

it is also Reported victims are civilians.

One landed on the runway of the airport. All flights cancelled, air harbour is closed.

on December 30, was fired on an American military base located North of Baghdad. The shelling led Shia militias. It was a response to the RAID of the US air force base “Kataib Hezbollah” in the town of al-Qaim on the border with Syria. Then killed 25 fighters of Shiites.