As experiencing a vaccine COVID-19

the Battle with COVID-19 was still in progress. As it goes in Russia?

In the laboratories continues the study of the virus, and here it is, a new achievement of Russian scientists: perhaps very soon, this device will be a part of the protection of airports and offices, as the frame of the metal detector. Allocating water from the air, it locates and defines dozens of pathogens, including coronavirus, the cause of the epidemic COVID-19.

it looks normal metal Cabinet, but filling — wise. Obtained from the air, the water immediately begins to be analysed. It is possible to detect 86 different viruses and bacteria and by PCR and the virus with the crown.

Connecting the apparatus to the ventilation system, you can monitor the safety of the air in hospitals and offices. At the moment the robot is pumping 10 cubic meters of air. The test is passed. You can run in the series.

“Such a device replaces a small lab of 5-6 rooms and a 5 person staff, it can work autonomously for months,” — said Artem Tkachuk, head of the Department of natural focal infections nits of epidemiology and Microbiology named after N. F. Gamalei of the Ministry of health.

In the Center of Gamaliel employs professional hunters with viruses. After studying for six months of the new cunning of the enemy, they have come up with different traps.

This is a hand analyzer, for example, you can check the cabin. And sample immediately analyse a device the size of a coffee maker.

the Russian science and medicine at the forefront of the fight against infection. For many days in a row, Russia had recovered more than new cases. But the virus doesn’t go anywhere.

across the country open a new military hospital. But to treat these multi-function hospitals are all. Their country — 20. Everywhere — the ultra-modern filling: CT, MRI, ultrasound, mechanical ventilation for granted. There’s even an artificial lung. And arranged everything so that people who are sick with no one to cross. Safe and other patients, and clinic staff.

the Speed of construction and the medical services of the new hospitals was praised by the President. Online he watched as open new centers in Voronezh, Kaspiisk, Derbent and Khasavyurt.

“All centres are equipped with necessary modern medical equipment and is ready to accept the first patients,” said defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

“the Whole mechanism of rapid response to the spread of infection and assist the regions was worked out in detail. And he must always remain at the highest level of readiness”, — said Vladimir Putin.

a High level of readiness of the Russian vaccine. In Sechenovskiy University in the middle of her test volunteers.

“Everything is fine: no headache, no fever, no vaccine And don’t even feel the usual prick like a mosquito bite,” — said one of the volunteers. “We are under 24 hour surveillance. None of us here will not leave without attention, if there are any side effects. But at the moment, and it’s been more than two weeks, it’s all right,” said another.

the 39 men and women. Age — from 18 to 60. Some a couple of days max temperature rose. Differently and could not be, because they do not introduce the virus itself, and its artificially created protein which causes the body’s immune response.

“the Vaccine against the new virus is a biotech product which was created by the Institute name Gamalei. Neither the vaccine, which is based on vectors or protein which is produced in the cells of the body, not pose a threat to humans and cannot cause disease,” explained Elena Smolyarchuk, head of the Center clinical study of drugs sechenovskiy University.

Mass production of the vaccine, the scientists cautiously predict for the end of summer — beginning of autumn. And Russian medicine, meanwhile, begins to return to normal life, where there is time to treat not only patients with pneumonia.

Here in plastic finally wrapped ventilator in Saratov ophthalmic hospital. The last 4 months there was COVID-hospital now, after a complete disinfection, will again begin to treat eyes. Another sign of imminent victory over the epidemic.

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