As the capital and the region is back to normal: Sobyanin and sparrows — about the next steps

In the suburbs — a new stage of restrictions. On Friday, June 12, there will be open summer terraces of cafes and restaurants. In Moscow, they are also actively preparing for the start of the season June 16.

the Capital’s employers can now test their employees for antibodies to the coronavirus at the expense of the city. About how the capital region and return to a normal life, as well as the next stages of easing measures, Sergei Sobyanin and Andrei Vorobyov said in an exclusive interview to TV channel “Russia 1”.

Author: Marina Gromova

— Sergey Semenovich, Hello! This week in Moscow was cancelled a mode of isolation, e-pass, opened beauty salons. How long will it take to the city once and returned to normal life?

— May have the impression that we once took and opened everything. In fact it is a very long process which will take at least two months. We started it on may 12 after he began to see that the situation began to improve. Further stages is 16 and June 23. A number of limitations, including free entrance to sporting events, cinemas, theatres, events — it will be gone for the month of July. We’ll see based on epidemiologicheskoe situation as it will develop. All subsequent permits related to how the situation will develop. Will deteriorate — will push back deadlines. If we see that it persists, will allow and, accordingly, to return to a normal life.

In Moscow was allowed to walk without restriction. This is very encouraging, the weather certainly is beautiful. But does this mean that the infection is no need to be afraid?

— of Course, you have to be careful. On the one hand, we introduce hard constraints to reduce the incidence. When we see that it is in a controlled direction and not in danger of collapse medicine, start to open up, to remove the restrictions. We all need to understand that the virus is a real threat that is with us, so you need to protect yourself, family, loved ones, to fulfill the requirements of sanitary doctors mask mode, social distance. This is especially true of urban transport, which not only masks, but gloves need to wear. The same applies to all enterprises of industry, construction.

If possible, do not meddle in the crowd. No need to come where the high density of the population. We opened services, which show the utilization of parks and gardens. Look over there — there may be too many people. Do not risk it, especially if you have a family there are older Chronicles, which are now at risk. We must continue to protect themselves and each other is our joint responsibility. Without a common effort not get further improvements.

the President gave instructions to assist the regions in which the situation of coronavirus is still not very prosperous. What specialists have already left for places?

First brigade traveled to six regions of Russia, they have already worked his shift and returned to Moscow. Yesterday there was sent a new, fresh teams, including Denis Protsenko, who directs the Project, Maryana Lysenko, which operates 52 hospital. They went to Dagestan, Transbaikalia, where the most difficult situation. I hope they will provide not only medical, but also organizational help.

— Mr Sobyanin, thank you!

Author: Michael Zelensky

— Andrey, Hello! Good evening. The latest figures for the convalescent and the sick — what are they? Is it possible to say that the epidemic has gone on recession?

the Last two and a half weeks we see every day, minus the hospitalization. Checked out more than hospitalized, in this part we have seen very positive. In any case, until testing shows that 700-750 people per day we identify. The level test is growing every week, it comes to 20 thousand a day, plus ELISA and rapid tests. Most have the disease in a mild form, but those who are over 65, are most vulnerable category. I can tell you that from the dead in our region, 75 percent of people older than 65.

— What are the restrictive measures in Moscow is saved?

— we can not yet open shopping centers. We are concerned about it. We in the good sense of fighting with the chief sanitary doctor because he is afraid of the spread of coronavirus. This Friday we will open summer terraces for restaurants and cafes, it is important for us from the point of view of the economy. Monday we open the museums, go to the normal mode of operation of the clinics. Planned operations will return with 15 numbers.

— Covenyi hospital returned to civilian life. When and where the first plans to restructure the hospital?

We are acting as this geographical principle: everywhere — North, South, West, East there is covenyi bed. We leave them to the routing was the most convenient. There we are also preparing beds for the provision of General medical services — this work is carried out in each district.

Temporary hospitals in the Park “Patriot” and “Crocus” — what will happen to them?

— They still serve as a transit hospital. There 300 people. As a rule, these people are easy or at most moderate severity. the heavy patients there. If there is, immediately admitted to the permanent hospital in the month of June we still retain.

the Economy has been dealt a serious blow. The support measures small and medium businesses, large manufacturers and ordinary citizens do you accept?

— a lot of money was directed to protective suits, beds, oxygen equipment, payments to those who could not work and those who saved lives. I think that in 40-50 billion will cost us struggle with the coronavirus in the complex, the same amount we underpaid taxes. It is therefore very important to choose the most rational way to invest more in infrastructure. Interchanges-roads, and gardens, and schools, and children’s polyclinics. But do not want to cut, you want everything to go its own way, but the coronavirus knocked us out of the way.

— In this weather wearing masks it was impossible to relax. When we strip them off?

— C on the one hand, in the mask it is necessary to walk in this heat, especially if talking is a different story altogether.

— So, we will live in a new reality?

— live.

Thank you for the interview, Andrey.