As voted Vladimir Putin: details

President Vladimir Putin for the first half of the day, arrived on site in the building of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences in southwest Moscow. There, the President traditionally vote in the election.

a nationwide vote on amendments to the Constitution lasted a week, but 1 July is the main day. The President again vote on the site in the ran building. All, as always, but because of the pandemic, COVID-19 interaction with the members of the commissions is different. For this voter by the name of Putin.

the Chairman of the precinct electoral Commission N 2151 Galina Poletaeva said that the President should sit away from the table and also the distance to show their passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation. To verify passport information and see the list of members voting is required, in said Popleteev.

Voters, including Putin, are offered use of a disposable pen.

After receiving the ballot, Putin went to the voting booth. In this area an electronic complexes of processing of ballots. “Electronic ballot box” thanked the President “Thanks, you voted”.

the Whole procedure is no more than a minute.

Then Putin went to your own Affairs in “Aurus”. There were still international negotiations.