As with Vlad by Mahovym: in the Kirov region after the picnic the boy was missing

On TV channel “Russia 1” – the investigation into the disappearance of Kirov oblast, a 20-year-old Matthew Babuna, which is very similar to the tragic story of Vlad Bahawa.

Matthew also went with his friends into the woods, but not on a noisy party in honor of the birthday, as Vlad, and fishing with four friends. The evening of 31 March, all the friends returned home, and Matthew’s parents did not.

In search of young men attended the caring villagers and volunteers, but no trace of Matthew is not found. Surprisingly, in his search for missing friends did not participate.

the Parents of Matthew appealed for help to the program Andrei Malakhov “live”.

Ruslan – the father of the missing youths, told that the day March 31, called him the son said that they are going to cook soup.

However, 20:05 with phone Matthew called his friend Dima Batin. Then the man became confused in the explanation, they even said something about the attack of wolves, though the head of the local settlement assures them around.

Later, Dima has explained that Matthew was lost, and shortly before he gave him his phone.

was the explanations of the friends, and other oddities that could not understand the parents, strange testified, and the caretaker of the fish farm, who saw a young man, perhaps one of the last.

on 14 April in the river near the scene of the picnic was discovered items that could belong to Matthew. On this basis the police have concluded that there is a boy and he drowned and his actually ceased.

This has forced parents to seek help to the broadcasters. During the filming of the program to the parents of Matthew called and said that, perhaps, found the body of their son.

What happened on the fishing trip between friends? Under any circumstances, missing Matthew, and why his phone was the other? That girl was on the scene, and talked about it accidentally looking for the guys to ear a local resident Sergei Enacted? Why should one bullys asked ex-wife to provide him an alibi?

All versions of the development of the events and stories of witnesses in the programme “Andrey Malakhov. Live” on TV channel “Russia 1”.