Pakistan’s Supreme court has lifted the death sentence against a blasphemy convicted Christian woman. The judge in Islamabad ordered the immediate release of Asia Bibi, as her lawyer Saiful said Malook and Pakistani media reported. The prosecution did not prove the guilt of the accused beyond reasonable doubt-said in the appeal judgment. Thus, the court followed the statements with the comments of the lawyers of Asia Bibi about conflicting stuff.

Asia Bibi in 2010, was the first woman in Pakistan for blasphemy and sentenced to death. You should have insulted the prophet Mohammed. The case had attracted international attention. In 2011, the liberal Governor of Pakistan, was shot in the largest province of Punjab, because he defended Bibi and the blasphemy had criticized the laws. 2014, a court in Lahore confirmed the death sentence. In July 2015, the provisional suspension of the execution has been arranged. The re-appointment process has been delayed in the past few years. According to Pakistan’s media, Islamist hardliners had threatened the judge.

The decision of the court, Bibi’s release triggered protests by Islamists in several cities of the country. The authorities had already strengthened before the judgment, the security measures around the court, after the radical Islamic party, Tehreek-e-and excellence Pakistan (TLP) called for an immediate execution of Asia Bibi and the judges of the Supreme court had warned of a “Yield” ahead of print “anti-Pakistani” forces in Western countries. The party announced that after an acquittal of Asia Bibi, “the whole country to paralyse”.

blasphemy-influenced Pakistan is regarded in Islam as a capital crime. In practice, blasphemy is contemptuous Statements and actions against Islam, the Koran and the prophet Mohammed to be understood. Critics say the laws would, among other things, failure to discredit personal enemies.