Assault in reading all admitted the attack

the attack on the people in the English reading (Berkshire), 80 miles from London, is recognized as a terrorist attack. This is stated in the message released by the police Department of the Thames valley, in the zone of responsibility includes the Berkshire: “National counter-terrorism police can now confirm that the attack on people with a knife that happened in reading last night declared a terrorist attack”.

assaulting people with a knife that occurred in the Park Forbury Gardens the evening of June 20, committed young man. As a result of attack three persons were lost, two more are in serious condition. 25-year-old attacker came from Libya, were arrested at the scene. It was reported that the attack is not connected with the rally in protection of the rights of the black population, which was held in the Park. The investigation continues, at the place of residence of the attacker searched.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson expressed his condolences to the families and victims, and also thanked the police for the prompt arrest of the offender.