The days of Aston Martin’s illustrious V12 are ultimately not entirely numbered. The English brand declared last week its intention to offer it in limited-run models, including the flagship Vanquish, which is likely to make a return.

Without revealing the models which will benefit from this choice of mechanics, Aston Martin closes its short press release with the phrase “All will be vanquished”, undoubtedly in reference to the Vanquish, production of which has ended in 2018.

Never mind that this project involves a significant mechanical overhaul of the outgoing 5.2L twin-turbo V12 that was beating under the hood of the DB11. The block has been stiffened, as have the connecting rods. The cylinder heads have also been redesigned, in addition to the addition of more efficient injectors. Lower inertia turbochargers will also be used, for more responsiveness.

Aston Martin estimates that these changes increase the power to 823 hp, but it is above all its captivating and irreplaceable singing, heard in a short video, that we remember. More details will be known in the coming months.