Astrakhan doctors saved elderly patients with COVID-19

From the infectious diseases hospital in Astrakhan after successful treatment discharged nine patients. All guests boarding for the elderly and disabled. Previously they were diagnosed with a coronavirus. However, it’s all over now. The doctors who literally brought them back to life former patients never. In all that time they almost became like family. But patients with COVID-19 in the hospital there are still a lot.

the Diagnosis of “coronavirus” and weeks spent in the hospital, but it’s all over. And today — a warm farewell with the doctors and thanked them for their work. Klavdia Vasilievna overcame COVID-19 to 93 years! Remembers how strongly he felt bad. The woman immediately became suspicious because she was a doctor. “I was brought in a serious condition here. I was there for a long time in prison. I was delighted — this is my element. I have a specialty – infectious disease,” says the elderly woman.

All nine discharged patients from a risk group, the elderly. They lived in Astrakhan orphanage for the elderly. There was recorded a large source of infection — more than 250 infected. The first survivors have already met the nurse, which during this time, the patients became like family.

nurse of the 2nd Department of the hospital regional infectious diseases hospital.And.M.Nicoli Bahceli Oblast vspominaet: “it is Very difficult. Difficult job, of course, it’s hot in these suits. But we did overcome it all and cured them. Very glad they recovered, recovered, finally went to his home alive and well.”

Almost everyone who came today from the walls of the hospital were secondary age-related diseases — hypertension, diabetes, cardiac ailments. Therefore, the most important task was a comprehensive survey. “Almost all had pneumonia, all were with a high fever, symptoms of intoxication. Two weeks was able to cope selfless efforts of the doctors with this the dreadful disease. Tears welling in her eyes, when these people meet. They are full of vitality, full of energy. And their energy is transferred to our doctors,” — emphasizes the chief physician of the regional infectious diseases hospital. A. M. Nicholi Nadezhda Larina.

the Energy of these patients really amazing. The disease took a lot of effort, but in fighting mood. They share their secret of longevity. “The measured life. Do not overeat, a lot of work physically necessary. Here is the secret my life long,” admits Claudia Egorova.

this week at the infectious diseases hospital is expected to extract eight other patients from the boarding school. It is not only the guests but also his staff. Each a double test for the coronavirus. Only a negative result and clinical improvement can afford to let patients home. That’s what they call a boarding school, has long become a mother.

Today, in this hospital, regional infectious diseases hospital there are 70 people with a diagnosis of “coronavirus infection”. Six of them were children. Now patients are waiting, when, finally, will come the negative test COVID-19 and the long-awaited moment of returning home.