Astronauts voted secretly

Russian cosmonaut Anatoly Ivanishin voted for amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation with use of electronic technology to ensure the secrecy of the ballot. It happened first, told the TV channel “Russia 24” the head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin.

According to him, the Russian segment of the International space station for a long time worked on the communication line, which is the division of responsibility on the ISS was ensured by the Americans. Now Russia is developing on the ISS to their line of communication, introduces on the Russian segment of broadband Internet access.

“We believe that if electronic voting is still correct to be your communication channel,” — said Rogozin.

According to this link, cosmonaut Ivanishin and should be able to vote from orbit, whereas before the voting process with ISS involves the transfer of cosmonauts of a particular cipher the Trustee on the Ground — as a rule, the commander of the cosmonaut corps, who then voted for himself on Earth as a Trustee.

On the “old” technology voted and this time the second Russian astronaut currently on the ISS — Ivan Wagner. He gave his voice by proxy — commander Russian cosmonaut Oleg Kononenko, who was at Moscow mission control Center (MCC).

Kononenko Wagner read out the information from the ballot, and at his request pointed out the necessary items, told TASS in the press service of the Russian cosmonaut training Center. Then he lowered the ballot in a portable ballot box brought for in PCO.

Anatoly Ivanishin during a live communication session with the ISS CEC under the new Russian broadband channel reported that voting Russian cosmonauts still used the U.S. segment of the American Internet and the American devices. He expressed hope that with the commissioning of the Russian channel all these funds will have our astronauts will setoen normal Internet access, streamlined access to online government Services, reports “Interfax”.