At full speed in a minivan: the time of the accident with a drunk driver was caught on video

In Khakassia on the highway “Yenisei” car full of passengers, crashed into a standing minibus working on the road. The culprit, who was sitting drunk behind the wheel, was the only one in accident no scratches.

the Incident, according to the news Agency “Khakassia”, occurred at 403 kilometer of the highway on Wednesday, December 25. The bus was in the left lane, providing the safety of the workers, who cleaned when it crashed into a silver sedan in the cabin which sat four people.

right hand drive Toyota with all the fluff crashed into his left side. The passenger sitting in the front seat, was dragged under the dashboard, it stuck, and the man and woman, situated in the rear of the cabin, broken face in the blood.

Later, regional management of traffic police reported that three passengers really suffered in the accident, but none of them had no fractures or other serious injuries.

the Culprit did not deny that he was drunk. Examination showed the presence in exhaled air 0.8 ppm alcohol.