Atletico Madrid’s star striker Antoine Griezmann looks to be the last much-criticized League on a par with the Premier League and loves the attacking football in Germany. In an international comparison, he can see the Spanish League, only because of the many Teams in the Champions League Playoffs, said the French world champion of the football magazine “Kicker” (Monday). “After that, the Bundesliga or the Premier League. The Premier League is more popular and is worldwide viewed the most, since the League is somewhat in the shadow, one speaks less about you. But as far as talent and the teams that take these two leagues, not much.“

Antoine Griezmann: “The Bundesliga is very attractive,”

In Germany, relatively few clubs were looking for in addition, your healing on the Defensive, he could be interesting to you. “The Bundesliga is very attractive, it’s attack is played in football, there are many goals, like we had recently in Dortmund,” said the 65-times national team player. Nearly two weeks ago, Griezmann with Atletico in the Champions League-preliminary round game at Borussia Dortmund with 4:0 (1:0) under the wheels.

On the question of whether the Bundesliga for an attacker would like it as a place of appeal, said Griezmann, according to the “Kicker”: “could be.” However, he felt very comfortable in Madrid, and I still have big goals with Atletico. His contract with the Rojiblancos, he had renewed prior to the soccer world Cup in the summer of 2023. His alleged annual earnings of 20 million euros.

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