At the bottom of the Sink was found dismembered legs Sokolov postgraduate students

In St. Petersburg at the bottom of the Sink a month later searches found the remains of the murdered historian Oleg Sokolov of PhD student Anastasia Yeshchenko. This was told by lawyer Alexander Baksheev, representing the mother of the deceased.

After the murder of Anastasia Yeshchenko, Oleg Sokolov tried to get rid of her body by dismemberment. The historian was detained November 9, red-handed when he tried to drown the remains in the river Sink. After the murder, the divers were able to retrieve from the pond a few bags with body parts, the feet were not found.

As told to “Fontanka” Alexandra baksheeva, will be held examination of the remains. At the present time to assert that the body parts belong Yeshchenko impossible, but it’s probably the feet of a murdered graduate students.

Earlier it was reported that Oleg Sokolov extended the term of arrest. He will stay in custody until April 9, 2020. Currently, the historian is at the centre of psychiatry of a name Serbian where psychological and psychiatric examination.