At the faculty of journalism of the University of Kazan will not be a budget seats

At the Higher school of journalism of the Kazan Federal University this year will not budget places. This only applies to bachelor degree, which annually took up to 70 students. To enter, perhaps on a fee basis.

there are two directions — multimedia journalism and national journalism, new media, said the head of chair of national and global media KFU Professor Vasil Garifullin. The graduate school also expects students to television journalism and to work with the media communications and public relations.

Vasil Garifullin said: “In 2020, the budget is not possible. Last year there were only 4 seats. The hope is that the budget places are still there. The Russian government decided to allocate additional budgetary places, we asked for a place for journalism”.

however, a master’s degree program in journalism provides budget places, including for students of the correspondence form of training. As reported STRC “Tatarstan”, aired on the channel “Russia 1”, the package of documents for admission to the University can be submitted until 3 August.

Text: GTRK “Tatarstan”