At the Mariinsky mine discovered a rare emerald weighing a pound

Rare emerald weighing half a kilo was discovered in the village of Malyshev in the Mariinsky mine. The discovery has estimated in 55 thousand dollars, reports GTRK “Ural”.

what makes it unique? Such a rich green color and clarity – a real rarity for the emerald. A unique specimen found in the village of Malysheva.

“the tape we found such a handsome man, he was very happy! He is a superior color, has retained all of its faces are natural. It’s rare, of course,” – said the Director of “the Mariinsky mine” Yevgeny Vasilevsky.

a Rare stone found at a depth of 260 meters to the country’s only Deposit of emeralds. Among tons of ore.

“They are very difficult to see, they are, first, the dark. And like they say the breed, ore. Difficult to see him, he’s dark. And breed even darker, it just blends into the same stone,” says miner Viktor Koltsov.

to See the jewel was only on a sorting belt. For miner Oksana Churilino this is the first major godsend for 3 years. Says, this stone once remarked: “Environment of ore went through the tape. Immediately saw a large, green, clean.”

But before you rate the emerald, it had to be cleaned from impurities limestone and slate. To avoid damage to the stone for an hour using pliers and eccentric with it millimeter by millimeter shot to the breed.

“of Course, it is difficult to work with, every stone we have a hunch it should be. I rely on your intuition. I have a stone keep in the first place. He showed all of its beauty, uniqueness, which we expected from him,” said razmilovic Anna Bodean.

color stone immediately carried to the highest category and second in class. To make jewelry from these samples impossible. They are the wealth of the country. The size of the finds were almost a hand, and it weighs almost a pound and a half. It is already estimated in 55 thousand dollars, or almost 4 million rubles. In this case the buyer.Patel on emerald already found. He will join the reserves of the state Fund of precious metals and precious stones of the country.

Text: STRC “Ural”