At the meeting of the UN security Council, Russia has provided evidence of falsification of himataki in the Duma

At a meeting of the UN security Council, Russia has provided evidence that the chemical attack in the Syrian Duma in 2018 were falsified. The meeting in the format of “Arria formula” was held on the initiative of the Russian side.

the participants discussed the report of the OPCW on March 1, 2019 the results of the investigation of the incident in the Duma (Syria, Eastern ghouta) that occurred on 7 April 2018, reports RIA Novosti.

Director of Fund of research of problems of democracy Maxim Grigoriev informed the meeting that the representatives of the NGOs interviewed hundreds of witnesses in Syria. He gave testimony of the inhabitants of the Duma, as well as transcripts with witnesses from the local hospital who said that the facility was not been affected by hematec.

Also at the meeting were shown the recording of the video message former OPCW Ian Henderson, who worked in the Duma. He said that at the scene of the incident was sent to two groups of experts, and those who worked on the place in the first group, was removed from the creation of the final report.

the Findings in the final report, was contrary to the facts clarified by the first group of experts, said Henderson. He also said that at the time of release of the interim report, the experts doubted that the Duma had taken place a chemical attack.