At the Minsk highway opened a long-awaited interchange at Vnukovo

In the suburbs today launched a motion for a new transport interchange in the area Vnukovo. Open waited tens of thousands of motorists, to stand in traffic jams at the railway crossing, they don’t have, and the road to the airport has become much easier.

the Opening of the transport interchange at the 27th kilometer of the Minsk highway was long expected. Drivers suffer from traffic jams on entrance and departure from settlement Vnukovo. Now here is an individual overpasses. Closer to Moscow steel and remote areas Odintsova. It is planned that the new interchange will be used by about 50 thousands of motorists.

“of course We can see that transport accessibility for residents of the Western districts of the Moscow region with Moscow will be more rapid and therefore more comfortable. The accessibility of Vnukovo airport has become not more than 15 minutes. This transport interchange will help residents of the Moscow region and in their movement on the field and in the message with Moscow,” — said Alexey Laptev, Deputy Minister of transport and road infrastructure of the Moscow region.

the Sleeping areas in the West expand. The new interchange has provided a convenient congresses especially for built-up areas.

of Course, one of the main objectives of this overpass was to eliminate the crossing over the railroad tracks of the Kiev direction. Because trains and trains go very often, tube here almost every day. {If you are idle at the crossing for half an hour, you’re lucky, the drivers.

This move was a major obstacle for those who need with the Minsk highway to get to the airport Vnukovo. In fact, don’t use the highway M1, afraid to get on the move and miss the plane. Now from the Minsk highway to the Vnukovo airport can be reached in 10 minutes.

the Work was complicated by the fact that the builders had actually built the overpass above the train, there were no changes in the schedule. In addition they had to carry a large number of communications.

the First new roundabout drove the car "Avtodor”, and after a few minutes, the traffic opened up for the rest of the car.

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