At the opening of trading on Masuria the ruble against the dollar and the Euro fell

At the opening of trading of the Moscow exchange rate of the US dollar against the ruble compared to the closing level of the previous trading up 17 cents to $ 62 rubles 27 kopecks.

Also rose and the Euro — on 6 roubles and 25 kopecks. Now for one Euro give 69 rubles 37 kopecks, reports “Interfax”.

According to experts, the decline of the ruble against the backdrop of negative situation on the world capital markets after the death of the Iranian General Qassem Soleimani in an attack the us military at the Baghdad airport. Fears of a new armed conflict in the middle East have led to instability in world markets.

There is a small plus for the national currency, the rise in oil prices. Oil rose sharply on 3 January after reports of the deaths of Iranian General Soleimani.

Trading on the London ICE Futures exchange for March futures for Brent oil prices began from $ 70.19 USD per barrel. Also to 64.30 per barrel has risen in price futures for WTI crude oil for February in electronic trading on the new York Mercantile exchange.

For the oil market one of the key risks is to block Strait of Hormuz by Iran, which exports a significant share of the oil produced by Persian Gulf countries.