Attack on Sobchak and her crew engaged the Ombudsman

the Commissioner for human rights in Sverdlovsk region Tatiana Merzlyakova engaged in the attack on members of the crew of Ksenia Sobchak in Sredneuralskaya convent. About this Merzlyakov said on Saturday in a video conference with the headquarters to monitor the vote on the amendments to the Constitution.

“it So happened that you added a guest in Moscow, and today I’m still working on it,” said Merzlyakov.

Merzlyakov leads the Council on human rights and the monitoring group of the Council to monitor the vote in Russia.

According to her, the police consult her in a situation with kovid-dissident shehurina Sergius (the Confessor Sredneuralskaya convent).

As Sobchak said in your Telegram-channel “Bloody lady”, her crew in the monastery were beaten and the videos selected. The very presenter pushed on the stone. The journalists called the police on the scene and wrote a statement to the attackers.

Previously Abbot Sergius declared that the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19 – a myth and called for disobedience to Church leaders and authorities. In father Sergius, the police started administrative proceedings for the publication of knowingly false public interest information, and the Yekaterinburg diocese has banned chiyoumen in the service.