Attempts to make life easier for Ministers failed — at the Council meeting Putin demanded specifics

No let-up on the implementation of national projects will not be targets to be achieved in full on all items — on this day, 25 December, said Vladimir Putin, summing up the first year of implementation of the national development goals. Industrial exports less plan for eight billion dollars, the death rate is falling more slowly than the digital economy spent only a quarter of the allocated money. Some officials in this mode are not accustomed to work, the President said. What to do to catch up?

Before the meeting in the Kremlin all the governors with whom it was called. Ministers and other senior officials willingly shared with the press the outcome of the work on national projects — they came out positive. To review the target indicators of the projects to the downside will not.

“We should not reduce the declared level for achieving the goals that had set for ourselves. Is only the first step to make all of this go down. To engage in the audit of national development goals I think is inappropriate. Any attempt to adjust the indicators to work as often we were working, there is no need, harmful and unacceptable,” a statement was made by Vladimir Putin.

Report to the President proved to be much more complex. For example, in a field like ecology. Vladimir Putin asked: “what was the Outcome practical? Emissions decreased or not?”. On it the Chairman of the government Alexey Gordeev said: “of Course, Vladimir Vladimirovich”. The head of state noted: “Here it is necessary to tell, that’s the main thing.” Gordeyev said: “our task was to make concise information”.

“Alexey Vasilyevich, we know each other, you are a very experienced person. Concise information would have been either complete a key question, or the answer to the key question, or needs to be initiated with itth. The practical result of all of our paper through red tape and correct decisions in the bureaucratic sphere? People are not interested. People don’t care what sort we have adopted laws, regulations created, again, some organization. You know, it is important the result, you can breathe in a particular city or, again, need to close vents and wearing a mask,” — said Vladimir Putin.

it Turned out that even on this large-scale work on the projects has already been made and promising, many Russians do not even suspect. This is a big omission that should be addressed.

“the Most important key result which we will get is a real change for the better in people’s lives, changes that will be felt by all our citizens. I’m not sure that most people now have a feeling. This is also the opinion polls of various structures, including such, which we can’t be trusted. This, in particular, the Federal security service. In September of this year 30.6 per cent of respondents knew nothing about the implementation of national projects”, — said the President.

There are areas where change is definitely felt. For two years, imposed almost 54 thousand places at the nursery. More than two thousand schools this year with high-tech equipment. Repaired almost fourteen thousand kilometers of regional and local roads. Putin drew attention to the fact that the results from the national projects needs to be felt not only in big cities and across the country — in small towns and rural areas.

“People who live in the area, should not feel strangers on this holiday of life. We have theatres more than in Soviet times in the capital cities, and Universities is much higher than in Soviet times. All this swells completely awkward way and not in the interests of territorial development of the country as a whole. The state planning Commission we have. Andrew RAEKadomtsev, we will not create a planning Commission, but planning should be a”, — appealed the head of state to those present at the meeting.

More recently, the developers were scared that because of the ban of shared construction can be reduced, the rate of input of new housing, but this did not happen — they just grew. So people had the opportunity to buy an apartment, including through loans, it is necessary to reduce the rate on the mortgage.

“it is Very important to continue to work to reduce mortgage rates. The fact that it is the end of the year dropped at an average of less than 9 percent, we are very good indicators. I asked and the Finance Ministry, of course, the Bank of Russia and the relevant departments closely to watch for this”, — said Vladimir Putin.

the head of the chamber Alexei Kudrin, who always liked to save the country money, this time on behalf of the Agency, the government was criticized for the fact that the national projects is spent a little, not to mention, however, on the reverse side of the large spending — can accelerate inflation: “Today it became clear that the implementation of national projects will not lead to the achievement of national goals.”

“Your position to me is also known. You have to loosen monetary policy a little bit. You think it’s possible to do this is to change the line cutoff when determining the amount of money that we could send to the real economy from oil and gas revenues. That’s right. Here you have epistemological contradictions with the Finance Ministry and the economy Ministry, but I think with the Central Bank. So here you just need to carefully, without prejudice to macroeconomic indicators, to think. If we all come to reasonable solutions, and it is possible to take some steps. If not for the national projects, there would not be this level, which is now available, here’s the thing. We just could not provide, because the projects allowed us additional resources to guide in this area. There are more important reason is the increasing life expectancy. It is a fact, which is fixed not by us but by the world health organization,” — said the Russian leader.

the Contribution of the national clinical examination — and one day for inspection, the employer shall provide the employee and pay the worker, and the clinical examination included screening for cancer.

“In 2020, the challenge before us is to completely close the entire cycle of medical assistance to persons who have suffered a heart attack, stroke or surgery on the heart and blood vessels is the main cause of mortality in Russia. Such patients at the ambulatory stage will be free to provide the appropriate drugs. For these purposes the Federal budget allocated more than ten billion rubles plus funds of regions”, — said the Deputy Chairman of the government of Russia Tatyana Golikova.

Results for each direction are directly dependent on the joint work of the centre and regions.

the President repeatedly emphasized that each Governor is obliged personally to take in the work on national projects, and Federal Ministers should not shift all the regions and require only reporting. The governors are constantly faced with the fact that the money for projects come later. Putin knows about the problem.

“you Need to debug the financial mechanisms of national projects. I know that at the end of the year, which, in fact, there is nothing new here, at the end of the year, the flywheel spins up. But we need to rhythmically worked the whole system during the year. Need to debug this mechanism to offer a convenient solution for artists, for smooth work accurately and on schedule,” — said the head of state.

Putin once again reminded the national projects are not an end in itself. People need to feel that these investments change lives.

“With the garbage we need to understand thatwould people not just on paper looked that they have the rate increased several times, what became clearer at the sites. Practical desired result of this work, otherwise a penny the price to all that we do,” said the President.

Science and the education, health and demography, roads and the urban environment — more than a dozen projects, which emit a huge amount to seven trillion rubles. The President is confident that the money will manage more efficiently.

“the National projects are a unique tool, as we all know and understand. Anything like that before in scale, in scope, we have never had anything similar was not applied. The fact of starting such projects speaks qualitatively to the increased opportunities of the country, that we need to solve the problem fundamentally new level, you need and, most importantly, possible. We are able to solve problems of such scale”, — said Vladimir Putin.

this year, a lot of time spent in coordination and design. Next year the implementation of national projects should reach full capacity.