Auf, lockdown and padra: Yandex has compiled a list of popular new words of the Russian language

Internet portal and “Yandex” has made to the Russian language Day a list of new words, the meaning of which in the last ten years people have tried to find out in the Runet more often. So, in the three most popular words this year included “auf”, “lockdown” and “padra”.

In the top of 2019 got the word “Boomer”, “vislova and foodporn”, 2018 “squishees”, “suits” and “Heil likli”. The most popular over the last ten years were such words as “brakcet”, “selfie”, “repost”, “HYIP”, the “friend zone”, “retweet” and several others.

Commenting on the results of their study, the analysts of “Yandex” explained that on this list you can see how the new phenomena of life are reflected in the Russian language.For example, in 2014 with the development of mobile phone cameras and the increasing popularity of social networks has the word “selfie”. And in 2017, when the increased interest to Russian rap and rap battles, people began to ask what “askeri”.

In “Yandex” also found the etymology of what users were interested in over the past year most often. According to them, the top 3 included the word “Russia”, “work” and “thank you”. In addition, the list includes the words “quarantine” and “the doctor”, writes TASS.

the Russian language Day is celebrated in Russia on 6 June, the birthday of the great Russian poet, the founder of modern Russian literary language Alexander Pushkin. June 6 “Yandex” also ran “Alice” skill updated “Meets Pushkin”.