Australian authorities would kill thousands of camels because of the lack of water

Australian Authorities would kill thousands of camels due to the fact that they consume too much water needed to extinguish fires. The campaign for the destruction of animals will start on Wednesday, January 8.

member of the Board of administration of the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Marita Baker said that the camels are causing problems in their community. According to her, the animals climb into the house to the local people, destroying infrastructure on the land, break the conditioning that leads to “chaos” in hot and uncomfortable conditions.

the operation to destroy the ungulates will last five days, reports The Hill. The bodies of dead camels burned or buried. Also the reason for the decision to destroy the animals have been concerns about greenhouse gas emissions — toed ungulates emit about one ton of carbon dioxide per year. The population of camels in the country is doubling every nine years, if not adjusted.

but the scheduled destruction, the members of the fire service of Australia allowed the veterinarians and rescuers to start searching for injured animals that are left in the zones affected by the fires. According to the coordinator of the Federal Department of the environment Brenton Greer, it is very important that injured animals receive all necessary assistance, reports TASS.

Fire is raging in Australia since October 2019. He has already achieved in Latin America over the ocean. During the fires destroyed about six million hectares of forest, thousands of animals died.