Australian firefighters took video of the spectacular break through the flaming forest

on Tuesday, December 31, employees of fire protection of the Australian state of New South Wales, located in the South-East, was in a difficult position and were forced to fight for his life. One of the participants of the incident filmed the event on video.

while fighting one of the wildfires raging in Australia, the flame was surrounded by several firefighters who were trying to resist the spread of fire.

People were forced to retreat – they managed to break through the blazing forest, none of them was hurt.

Recall that large-scale fires in Australia have already destroyed more than three million hectares of forest, tens of thousands of people forced to flee their homes and evacuate to safer areas. The smoke spread over a large territory — in particular, for this reason, Sydney was introduced a state of emergency.

on the Eve it became known about the next victims of the fires in the village of Cobargo in New South Wales, two people were killed, five more are on the list of missing persons.

At the present time to bring the situation under control fails – the situation is complicated by dry weather.