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the Surgeon without medical training Yemelyan Braude almost killed a patient during surgery. Appropriate personnel he has published in his Instagram, calling the incident “anaphylactic shock.”

In the video, noticeable as the patient becomes ill. Students Braude trying to help her. For this, they turn the woman on her side, rubbed her face and ears. At this time others looking for the spoon to clamp the affected language. The following footage shows that the patient came to, reports “the Fifth channel”.

it is Unclear why Yemelyan Braude posted this video in social networks. Perhaps the data frames needed for the so-called training followers. According to “Dr. Peter”, in recent years, Braude has become popular in the vast Instagram. He collects cosmetologists with and without education, teaching them the author’s methods.

Their activities surgeon self-taught he started as a courier, delivering in beauty salons cosmetic preparations. Then he decided to build his own business, not having to do medical education.

Yemelyan Braude called the author of the innovative technology — “the lips of a devil.” The essence of this procedure lies in the fact that as a result the patient receives the contours of the wavy shape.